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4 years.

There has never been another time in my life where I could say that I have committed to properly prioritizing my own wellbeing in order to deliver my best self when and where its needed the most.

4 years ago I started implementing a few supplements into my every day. At the time my thoughts were, "I'm 34, almost half-way to 40. I had better start being a 'grown-up' about taking a couple of easy steps to care for my future" .. Now my thoughts are, "I'm 38, more than half-way past half-way to 40. Thank God I took those easy steps when I did because I would hate to know who I would be right now had I not" .. I know, I know. You're saying, "Seriously. Get a grip. It's only a few supplements." Listen, I get it. It sounds a bit ridiculous. But I'm telling you that I truly believe that this small commitment I made to myself four years ago has made a world of difference in who I am today. What I thought at the time would simply be a "I'll buy in and take em every day (really just take em for a couple of weeks before adding them to my cabinet shelf collection) so that I can tell myself that I tried to better myself." became a "I bought in, I DO take em every day (the moment I threw an empty bottle away was the day I threw my 'other' collection into the trash) and I really am bettering myself?!" DECLARATION. A declaration that I've built upon and have used to open many doors over the past few years.

You see, to me this is just so much more than simply caring for my health. Where yes, that has remained on a positive upswing with countless improvements in not only my own but in the health of so many others, there's just way too many other areas of my wellbeing that has developed throughout these last four years for me to not include them in this 4 year 'anniversary post'. These past 4 years have actually been a journey of complete self-care so please stick with me here as I break that journey down a bit for you ...

Self Awareness :: Understanding my values and beliefs has allowed for me to better care for myself and others in a way that truly fills my cup. I'm able to be more in touch with my emotions, allowing me to express them in a resourceful way. This has opened up an area of proper balance between relaxation and stress, where I recognize what is within my control and what is not, so as to not get caught up and get in my own way.

Exploration :: Breaking down the emotional barriers and pushing through my fear has opened up the path to more effective and sustained opportunity. I've developed skill sets, new interests, and have gained knowledge in areas that will make a positive difference for others should they choose to accept what I have to offer.

Gratitude :: As one of the most effective happiness-boosting activity one can do, finding the good on the regular has proven to make a huge impact on my mental health. No longer do I jump to quickly to the negative. I'm more thoughtful in how I speak to myself and continue to practice forgiveness. Forgiving doesn't require you to forget, it simply means choosing to not live in resentment. I've come a long way in learning how to let go and strive for a less toxic future surrounded by positive influence.

Acceptance :: I have committed to my overall wellbeing. I accept that it will be an ongoing process, a process that I may not always be catapulted forward on but one that I trust will deliver more steps forward than backward. I know that I will be let down by things outside of my control. I know some stretches of the path will be more difficult than others. I know that others may not ever know why these last 4 years mean so much to me. I mean, its just supplements, right? Wrong. Not to me. I know you may never get a chance to experience what I have in the way that I have chosen and I accept that. All of it ...

I accept all of it because for me, this is exactly what I needed. I needed to develop areas within myself in order to work towards fulfilling my purpose. I needed to feel my best as I make my way in this world. I needed to better myself so that I can be who I need to be for my family.

Happy 4 years with Plexus to me.

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