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And then there were 4.

I went from being a single mom to 1 to an off-the-market bonus mom to +3 over a late night cocktail at The Whiskey Bar in the Windy City.

I remember the look on Jake's face when my certainty that I was sitting on the exact right couch, with the exact right person, at the exact right time in my life, was heard by him in my simple answer of 'I'm in' after he had courageously taken a big breath in order to lay it all out on the table ...

He had recently acquired full custody of his 3 and after not even 3 months in to their newish life .. you know, new schools, new schedules, new family friendly accommodations (such as a vehicle that allows for car seats and an apartment that allowed for 3 more beds) .. he himself I'm SURE was still sorting out what the future looked like for them moving forward ... Now to add this hottie into the mix who had a 6 yr old girl of her own (I mean, I'm just assuming these were his thoughts)?! The only way to find out if it'll work is to just ask. So he did. And again, I simply said 'I'm in.'

I'd like to tell you that my saying OK with such ease was as selfless as he would like to make it out to be. Jake would include it in our love story when friends and family would ask how it all went down (I mean, we were basically one big happy family after only knowing one another for a month so you KNOW folks were asking (or more like questioning) how this came to be) .. It'd go something along the lines of, "So when was it that you knew she was the one?" and Jake would reply, "When I told her, 'Look, this is me. I want to get it all out there because I really like you and I don't want to get in deeper if you can't see this as your future,' and she didn't skip a beat before saying, 'I'm in.' Our conversation revealed her to be the most selfless woman. Just a breath of fresh air. Plus, she's hot (again, I think I remember this always being a part of it)." .. But REALLY my certainty came from his delivery coming straight from his heart. He showed a sense of vulnerability that gained my instant trust. Something I had never felt before. No arrogance. Zero games. Just a calm confidence about him that gave me the confidence to know that he will be a strong male figure in my own daughter's life. So selfless? Sure. But kinda selfish too? Yep. Because this? Now THIS is what I wanted for the future of my own little party of 2. I knew instantly that Jake was someone I could build a life with. And his 3 little extensions of him? Well at that very moment, I considered them to be an absolute bonus. I was excited to get to know them. To get to be a part of their world. To get to help mold them and raise them as my only child's siblings. I was excited for my daughter to have a big sister because I have a big sister and that's just the best so how awesome is it that I can actually give my daughter one. Plus, a little brother AND a little sister?! I mean, seriously. These things don't normally just happen overnight, you know ...

Me being a mom of 4 was without a doubt meant to be and I knew it as soon as I finished that cocktail. I just knew at that very moment that I was blessed with a whole new and full life for my daughter and I. And I was certain that Jake and his 3 would be blessed by us as well.

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