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I am loved.

I am generally one who encourages the act of not letting your yesterday steal your today however, every so often my eyes are opened wide to the fact that reflecting on 'yesterday' can leave you with a renewed sense of what's most important in your 'today' ...

Yesterday Jake and I kicked back with a few brewskis around our first bonfire of the year. We then soon realized that it was wishful for us to think that the weather was actually nice enough to sit out there all night (clearly we are both suffering from a case of the cabin fever) so we then headed to Sons and Daughters (you know, S&D? Our basement bar that we act as though is an actual cool a$$ establishment because .. well .. it is?). There we turned the music up and continued on with our conversation (and brewskis).

The conversation took us back to yesteryear and ultimately concluded by us sharing with one another the emotion both of us felt immediately in the hours following our first date. Excitement for sure (I mean, he called later that night after he got home and I answered AND he texted the next day and I replied .. meaning, we didn't even follow the 'rules' of dating) mixed with an overwhelming feeling that forever was in the near future on both of our ends. We met in the middle that night and it came naturally with zero effort. I was completely enamoured (infatuated, enchanted, charmed, captivated) with just a sneak peek out of my front door window of him walking up my sidewalk, while he was confident within the first few minutes of meeting me that nothing or no one else mattered from that moment on ... 2 hours at the Tartan Inn on the Wednesday before Christmas 2011 changed the entire course of our individual paths. What once felt like the loneliest road was now the most exciting one to go down because we knew we had each found the one to best help with the obstacles that were sure (and will continue) to come.

That reflection back to yesterday led us to remembering just how important it is to never take our awesome REVERSED fork in the road for granted.

I am blessed.

I am loved.

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