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Two words that make up a phrase used by so many that can basically do one of two things ... Either it will launch you to your next level (because you've become completely fed up with the current level you are on) .. OR it will stop you dead in your tracks by once again placing you right back on the same ole starting line of the same race that you OH-so-badly want to finish.

No way am I alone here when I say that when these two words come flying out of our mouth, the hope is that it's in complete celebration for the aforementioned exciting catapult, but unfortunately, too often this short and sharp phrase escapes out of sheer (hope I'm using sheer vs. shear correctly) frustration. It just got too hard, right? When this happens, we talk ourselves into quitting, as though its the best option .. It's cold so I better stop exercising in order to not pull a hammy. It's hot so I better stop exercising in order to not suffer from heat stroke. It's nice so I better stop exercising in order to enjoy the weather while it lasts .. And here's the best part, WE ACTUALLY START BELIEVING THE NONSENSE (excuses excuses excuses) so we quit. Like we deserve to or something. And then we're satisfied. Briefly. And then we're frustrated. Again. Only this time the frustration comes in way more fierce than before, my friends, because WHAM BAM the glow of that pseudo satisfaction has more than faded and now here we are, right smack dab back on, you guessed it, the same flippin starting line that we've found ourselves on too many times before ...

Here's the thing.

Quitting because it just got too hard will not only ALWAYS leave you wondering the dreaded 'what if' (I mean, seriously one of the hardest questions to live with), but it will also have you second guessing the value you place on your self worth. No joke. I speak from experience. I'm guilty of being way too easy on myself at times (where do you think I came up with those excuses). We all are. However, I'm finding that the more I value myself, the more I'm holding myself to the fire because I believe I'm worth the hard work and now guess what? By doing so, I keep finding myself at a NEW starting line because I'm actually finishing the race (and yes, some 'race times' are better than others) .. Reality is that we only have so much time to keep answering to 'what if,' like who has got the time to keep gearing up to run the same darn race?! Not me .. I'm done wasting time and I'm done shying away from the hard work. I mean, no one else is gonna do it, guys. Clearly. Plus, this isn't work to be done by anyone else. This is Ing's work. And I'm gonna keep doing it until 'all I do is win win win no matter what what what' because 'all I do is quit quit quit' is not how that song goes.

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