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If you could do anything ...

What would it be?

I was recently asked this question by a fellow 'jack of many trades' .. It got me thinking. Something so simple. Something I've been asked so many times and yet, I still found myself thinking 'what WOULD it be' ..

My answer was kinda lame to say to say the least. I said that I'd design events, which is why the question got me spinning my wheels because I HAD designed events. I had started my own lil biz where I designed weddings, parties, etc. and it was great. It got the creative juices flowing, it was a hands on job, and it allowed for me to meet people. People of all kinds. Not only some of who ended up becoming clients but also others who too had started their businesses based off of that one time that they too were asked 'If you could do anything' and it got them thinking about what their true passion is.

BUT alas, for as much as I enjoyed it (and I truly did), it still had me feeling a bit unfulfilled. I know, right? Boohoo. Here I had the chance to do what I wanted with zero expectation from the outside. No boss. Just freedom to create. And not only that, but with 110% support from the one who matters most, my husband. So what was missing? Without giving it much thought I found myself diving into my next endeavor, an mlm, with again, no boss and with freedom to make it what I wanted, AND with the idea that I could (and would) do both. However, I found that the deeper I got into my Plexus biz, the less I wanted to pursue gaining event design clients. I spent random times wondering (questioning) why that was. I mean, I LOVED creating cool things and warm, welcoming atmospheres so why was I able to let that go? I assumed it was due to the excitement of something new. I like learning new things and I thrive when I'm not quite comfortable just yet. However, in the end I concluded that it was because the design was temporary. The emotion involved was temporary. Short lived for the client AND for me. And I wanted more than that. I wanted to aim for sustained gratification vs. instant I wanted the relationships to grow rather than simply being 'temporary' which is what happens when someone no longer needs your services ...

You see, the real high for me came from seeing the smiles on others' faces after I had put it all together. Knowing that I had just a small part in such a wonderful moment in their life that had delivered that smile was my 'why' .. THIS is what I found I was drawn to with my new gig. The smiles. The relationships that were no longer temporary. These relationships were growing because we were on a journey together. We walked the same path. That was exciting to me.

Especially since there was no end in sight. That is where I found fulfillment.

So if I could do anything, it would be to combine all of this and more (you know, that jack of all trades thing) into something BIG that will truly affect positive change for the masses. It will include meeting new people, designing events, growing relationships, being a helping hand, and above all things .. Bringing smiles to others and leaving this world an inspired place for our next generation.

And I'm gonna do it.

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