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Just say no.

In life we have to adjust, reroute, and basically REprioritize. If not, we stand the risk of stunting our growth, burning out unnecessarily, or (the absolute worst) quitting.

I've been taking action on the good ole long time running positive advice of JUST SAY NO. I've been applying it to life in areas that I feel the only reason I may be participating is simply to appease others. That's not to say that I don't want to make my peeps happy because truly I do. I mean, if you're my peep then you have my utmost respect and admiration, there is simply no way I'm wanting to let you down ... Which is why 'just saying no' has basically been simultaneously the most difficult and yet most beneficial step I've taken this year. Please, it's not personal. It's necessary. Why? Because it's a rather slippery slope when always saying YES begins to come at the cost of one's own wellbeing. Continuing to chip away at the very thing that fuels the reason why others may want to have you around? Well that's not good. I can promise you that the little that is left will not make ANYONE happy (physically present or not) and now you're at a point where an internal rebuild is not only wise but mandatory.

You see that's how this stuff works. We dive in and completely immerse ourselves in what we find the most joy in. We swim around and gather all we can to 'feed' and then eventually we need to move on because we've depleted our resources. That's not to say that we didn't grow while we were there. I mean, clearly we did, we basically OUTGREW our space if you will. That's also not to say that we don't throw some of what's left in that space onto our back and take it with us to the next stop because man oh man, that shit was go-oo-od, right? Like we know we're gonna need that exact resource, that exact lesson, that exact energy from that exact human, for the entire duration of the journey. We're not letting that stuff go. BUT. We are letting go of what isn't necessary. We will leave the exhausted parts behind. The depleted resources, the past failure, the negative energy from that one human. All they've become is dead weight and .. well .. dead weight is HEAVY.

At this time in my life I don't want to move forward with what is expected of me, I want to fulfill what is instilled in me. And that's the burning desire to uplift and inspire change in such a way that even if you're sitting in the nose bleeds you STILL can't help but catch fire. I want a movement for GOOD ...

And the only way to keep the ground swell .. ummm swelling .. is to adjust, reroute, REprioritize, and pack up only what's of value to me and move on to the next stop.

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