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Life as usual

Listen. If in life you don’t feel a ball of energy pinging its way around your heart to your head and then down to the pit of your belly then, well, you’re doing it wrong. This ball will be (and should be) shooting off vibes of doubt highlighted with belief, insecurities accompanied by courage, and electrifying currents of confidence with vulnerability right there alongside riding shotgun. This perfect mess is the driving force that pushes you to simply just go for it. So when I say 'Life as usual' THIS is what I'm talking about. My life as usual ...

This week I ventured on my first (ad)venture as a newbie in an industry that I'm quickly learning is a melting pot of perfectly seasoned folks that all work together to bring distinct flavor to the table. This adventure had me hitting a couple of different cities in just a few days and now as I sit here at my dining room table after all is said and done, I'm left with over a hundred new names, too many faces to count in my head, and at least a couple of handfuls of who I consider to be (or at the very least WILL be) fast friends. All in all, I'm happy to report that the experience has me anxious to develop my flavor that I will add to the pot ...

I left on Monday with excitement (could have been nerves but really aren't they just one in the same?) and arrived at the Chicago Athletic Association all by my lonesome. I gave myself a mini pat on the back and only realized I may have been slightly out of my comfort zone AFTER I gave Colleen (sweetest girl at the front desk) a complete rundown as to why I was there and what my next few days would consist of. She gave me a smile and said 'good for you, girl' and then proceeded to make sure I knew where I had tucked away my room key while I had rambled. After settling in, I made my way back down to the lobby area (which also doubles as by far one of the coolest work spaces I've seen), gave Colleen a quick smile with a wave and found me a spot on a leather couch next to a fire place where I could watch the snow fall outside through the window. I caught up on a few things and at that moment decided that this is the day I would start my blog. I would document each day of this brand new adventure so I will have it to look back on once I've fully established myself as part of the melting pot of perfectly seasoned folks. I will share thoughts and ideas with others who may be sharing the same emotions as me on any given day. I will share stories of life (as usual) and adventure ..

Welcome to my week.

Monday, Feb. 5 :: As I sit here in The Drawing Room at Chicago Athletic Association on the eve of me walking into a room chock-full of perfect strangers (I mean, as of right now they’re strangers) for the first day on the new ‘job’ I can’t help but smile. Now does everyone need to know that this smile holds more than excitement? Like do they need to know that hidden in the corners is a bit of ‘questionable’ self awareness? No way. They don’t need to know that as I genuinely smile, I’m UNmindfully allowing for self doubt and insecurity to creep in. No way do they need to know that .. Right? I mean, I am more than aware that I am diving in head first to waters I have never explored and yet, I remain (for the most part) confident and excited .. I'll keep that questionable stuff to myself and use it as a catalyst to keep me on my toes so that I will push further than what I’m comfortable with calling 'confident' right about now ...

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Friday, Feb. 9 :: Well it was worth a shot, right? I mean, I had great intentions and the trip was indeed a great adventure. So much of a great adventure that downtime meant sleepy time NOT creative documenting time. Man, I have a hunch that this is going to be my time to go wild for awhile.

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