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More than halfway past the half.

I’m past the halfway mark of the halfway mark. Make sense? Like I’m not at 37 anymore, which is two yrs past 35 (obvious I know, but I truly am trying to get this to sink in), I’m at 38, which is two years away from 40 (again, obvious I know, just give me a minute) .. Now I gotta tell ya that as I switch over to my 38th year, I’m feeling pretty darn thankful that I’ve done a few things that I can without a doubt hang my hat on. I mean, at least I haven’t wasted my first 37, right? Meaning never will I ever be over here panicking while thinking I need to make up on time because I’m more than halfway past the halfway to my first 40. Honestly, I believe I can confidently say right here and now that I have not twiddled my thumbs and pushed off life thinking ‘ehh. I’ve got time’ ...

So what have I done?

I’ve learned to love myself. After being up and down and all around, I’ve gained the confidence needed to be comfortable in my own skin. Not only that, but I’m comfortable with sharing that confidence with others. Now THAT is something to be proud of.

I’ve set out to design a pretty incredible life (a few times actually). And I’ve fallen (more than a few times actually) .. I’ve had a bunch of tripping and stumbling and falling flat on my face, only to keep standing back up, dusting of my knees, and putting a smile on my face. Yes, sometimes it takes me a bit longer to get up but those are times that allow for me to acquire more strength and with more strength (and more knowledge) comes a sense of pride paired with desire to simply keep moving forward in a bigger and better way.

I’ve held myself accountable. If I’m going to talk the talk, you better believe that I’m going to walk the walk. Sometimes easier said than done, right? Who am I kidding .. ALLtimes that’s easier said than done if you’re trying to walk any walk worth walking?! You must know that part of that walk includes a little training in the beginning .. Like picture training wheels. In the beginning, I have made a decision to start moving forward on my own down a path that may make me a bit uneasy, uncomfortable if you will, and I haven’t quite gained my sea legs so I need training wheels to get me slowly rolling. Slow at first, yes, BUT I am indeed moving. And now I’m rolling more smoothly and now I’m picking up speed. And now I’ve walked those training wheels right off .. And then I make another decision to start moving down another path, this one a bit more uncomfortable than before .. Someone throw me the wheels please?!

I’ve learned to love others. In a healthy way. I’ve learned to value a beautiful soul and not take for granted a giving heart. With that comes handling those I care most about with care, respect, and honor. I truly want nothing more than for all who have connected with me to feel my love. Not only that but I want to keep their trust in knowing that I will not trample on what they hold dear. Only then can a healthy relationship emerge ...

So BAM. Take that 38. You’ve done me right so far, life, and for that I say ‘thanks’ and to the next year I say ‘I’m excited to ping ping ping’ ..

It feels awesome to know that I’ve pretty much locked up a couple of my most biggest decisions I will ever have to make in life and I’ve done a lot of the hard work it takes to be truly happy with how your life is playing out and if I do say so myself, I pretty much have nailed them (HI JAKE) well before the halfway mark of the halfway mark to 40. This means that what’s to come will absolutely be the best. The icing on my next layer. My 37th layer to my ever growing birthday cake.

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