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My favorite accessory

From time to time .. to all the time, I wonder if what's in my heart is matched by others. I wonder if they too feel that what so many people need is a smile, whether it's being worn by them or it's being directed towards them. I wonder if they too feel that they are alone in this firm belief that others may think sounds 'a bit cheesy' ...


Gain clarity. Perspective. It's dang near impossible to be angry and spewing negativity or sad and feeling helpless/hopeless when you're smiling. It seriously is the easiest way to shift your mood, making it the best thing you can do for the vibe you're putting out into this world. Vibes speak oh so much louder than words so why do we often choose to only 'communicate' through words? Our energy introduces us long before we even speak, so who is it that you want people to meet? The choice is yours.


Learn about others. Welcome their thoughts so that you may learn about what's important to them. Do this and find that something wonderful just might happen. What's this wonderful thing I speak of you ask? Well they just might accept your 'invitation.' Should you find that this happens then .. (wait for it) ... actually listen to them. Don't always take the lead. By smiling, you already took the first step. You've laid the groundwork for open communication. This will allow for them to feel safe in having an exchange with you so don't mess it up. Simply just listen. Not in a way that you are basically waiting (im)patiently to throw in your two cents (too many times we can barely even handle the anticipation we feel to 'prove' ourselves), but in a way that places value on their input.


Be a part of the solution. There is a never-ending search for the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, one of the only times I see people coming together is when they are indeed on that search .. Why not be that light? One time I came across this :: Occupation: Aspiring beam of light. YES PLEASE. The absolute only way to drive out darkness is with light and the only way to spread that light is to either be the source or be the mirror that reflects it. A smile is your shining light from within your heart. Shine that light upon others and watch that beam start reflecting back at you from within theirs.

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