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The secret of change ...

is quite simply where we place focus. Where are we spending our energy? Are we exhausting it by fighting the old? Or are we renewing it by building the new ...

I think way too often we're too slow to move on. We hold on to what we currently know and the way we already know how to do it until we couldn't possibly suck one more drop out of what was once our overflowing well of progress and knowledge. By doing this, we've now just doubled, even tripled, the amount of time it will take to refill that well, when what we could've been doing the whole time was creating a continual drip that would keep our well at a proper level. A level that would never run dry. That would be maintaining, right? Focusing enough energy to simply maintain your level is not a bad place to be. No way, not bad at all, because maintaining is actually not the norm. In fact, it's an unpopular choice. By far. Instead, we start cutting corners. We get too comfortable in our lackluster habits, making the most popular (not necessarily by choice) level one that is gradually decreasing. This starts to complicate things. Because now we find ourselves in a place where we are forced to fight hard in order to make a change. Doable? Of course. Hard(er) work? Absolutely. And to make it even more uncomfortable, quite often before we even have a chance to fill back up, we circle back around just to land in a dry place where we have lost sight of what we are truly capable of.

Think about it. Our health. Our economy. Our relationships. Our environment. If energy is not spent in these areas (in ALL of these areas) at least one, most likely two, is sure to start drying up. I know, I know, I can hear it now .. But Ing, no way do I have enough energy to focus in on all 4 areas?! And to that I say, that's because you're exhausting it by fighting against what you don't want. The OLD if you will. You don't want to be unhealthy, strapped, unhappy, and selfish, so you go into deprivation, go after a quick buck, go through the motions, and spread yourself too thin, in an attempt to fill your well up to the top overnight .. When what you need to be doing is renewing your energy by investing time and value into yourself. Building a NEW you. A NEW mindset. A NEW belief. That's it. Simple, right? Good news is, it can be one piece at a time ... Learn something new. Open your mind. Listen to the world around you. To it's needs. To it's people's needs. Spend your time in what brings you joy. Who brings you joy. In what you're passionate about. Spend time in the positive. Surround yourself with it ... Develop your 'drip', my friend. Only then will you be able to better serve the areas that are slowly declining. Only then will you be able to fill up and keep a full well that you will never need to worry about running dry. No matter how many times you dip from it.

Think about this too .. What if we could continue to learn and reroute at a pace that would keep our 'drip' more of a steady 'stream? Like it just keeps filling us up to the point where there's a constant overflow into other wells. Isn't that a wonderful thought? Let's talk on that soon.

Cheers -


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