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If you're one who likes lists as much as yours truly then you might just totally appreciate this one. I came across this list of 10 and since finding it I have managed to apply it to basically EVERYTHING that matters most to me. Check it out for yourself as I give examples on how I've processed each 'tip' to relate to my world. Hopefully this will help to get the wheels spinning for you to do the same ...

You don't have to be a genius.

:: Stop pushing back your starting line because you're busy 'preparing' for a successful finish. Truth is, you will never know how to finish until you actually start. No need to over(whelm)complicate. Learn as you go ...

Think process, not product.

:: It's not about the end result. It's about the lessons learned along the way. Same applies to a tangible product. It's about the experience. The journey if you will. Think about it. When we eat a good meal, or find a good vitamin, or try a new hair product, or buy that pair of boots, we're not thinking about the price, or what color it is, or how it is packaged, we're thinking about how it makes us feel ...

Share something small every day.

:: Give what you have to offer. Whether it's simply a smile, a bit of knowledge, an encouraging word, some of your time, etc. Doing this day after day will add up in a big way and you should be giving way more than you wish to receive.

Open up your cabinet of curiosities.

:: Don't say no to what you don't know. Everything around you is in a continuous state of evolving, improving, CHANGING. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.

Tell good stories.

:: Happy. Sad. Bad. Whatever the story, make it good by focusing in on every silver lining. Implement the positive pieces into what may even be considered negative as a whole. Make reflections back on your chapters reasons to smile.

Teach what you know.

:: Success at the top is simply taking a breather while standing on a pile of failure. Remember me saying 'learn as you go?' .. Pave the way and pay what you've learned (thus far) forward. Bonus is that this right here is yet another way to share something small every day.

Don't turn into human spam.

:: Never be the smartest person in the room. For two reasons. One simply being that .. well .. people don't like that. And two being that you're stunting your growth if you're always telling others what you know rather than listening to what others know.

Learn to take a punch.

:: Part of being someone who is relating to this list is sometimes being the only one on offense while everything around you is defending your goal. Including people, circumstances, timing, insecurity .. I could go on but there's simply no need. Take the hit and move on. Them's the breaks, my friend. The sooner you learn to protect your 'ball' by accepting these so-called breaks, the stronger you'll be moving forward.

Sell out.

:: Worst thing we can do is hand out rose colored glasses to people. It's ok to be perfectly imperfect. We all are. Let people in. Relate. Engage. Admit to failure. Say sorry. Live in vulnerability and be transparent .. Be blessed by the real relationships.

Stick around.

:: Don't check out because it got too hard. People need you. The world needs you. It's a selfish move to not deliver the positive imprint you are here to make (yes, I respond to my own tough love).

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