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What's yours is mine.

Literally. Not just figuratively .. I suppose you can say figuratively if it helps you sleep at night. That I will allow (as long as deep down you know it's literal) ...

You do not get to say 'you have to knock' because I don't HAVE to do anything when it comes to my belongings and guess what, that door that leads to the space you're 'leasing' (for free I might add) from us is mine. It belongs to your father and I. So you calling the shots with how it is treated .. well ... that just isn't going to fly around here. And here's why ...

If we've done our job, we've taught you respect. We've taught you how to show it to others and we've taught you what it feels like to receive it. Steps for teaching this includes our own work within ourselves as parents on what it takes to create a mutual respect between you and us. You must know this because this knowledge will leave you believing that if in silence one of us swings open your door from time to time, it's not out of disrespect for your 'privacy' but out of respect for the relationship we are working hard on developing (and keeping) as you continue to 'mature,' year after speed-of-light year. If we're doing our job properly, you will understand our relationship and you will trust that at times we will knock on your 'leased' door out of respect for you when we don't deem it necessary to come on in without .. Basically, we will come in without knocking when we have a pretty darn good reason to do so and our doing so will never leave you with any reason to question why .. In fact, the more you 'question' the more we'll swing it open sans-knock. And you know what? If you feel you need to show your annoyance of this reality on your 'surface' (ie. the eye roll you thought I didn't see) then I say go for it. If that's what you need to do as you work through adolescence and as you try to make sense of all the 'unfair rules' we put in place within our 4 walls then it's fine by us .. Our feelings will not be hurt. Our feelings towards you will not waiver. And I promise our relationship will continue to grow .. Because we're your parents and as parents we have a job to do and part of that job description is not "ensure customer satisfaction at all times" but rather ..

"Provide inspired leadership company wide. Make high-level decisions about policy and strategy. Develop and implement operational policies and a strategic plan. Act as the primary spokesperson for the company. Develop the company’s culture and overall company vision. Create an environment that promotes great performance and positive morale."

So yes, your door is ours. Yes, you can use it. And yes, you are indeed welcome.

Oh and no, you can't lock it.

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